Urbanista launch Stockholm Plus, the next gen of True Wireless sound!

In the expansive world of audio, we recently discovered and reviewed Urbanista‘s truly impressive Urbanista London earbuds (check out our full review here) and today the Swedish lifestyle brand have launched Stockholm Plus, which they promise is the next generation of true wireless sound and experience.

Keeping it truly wireless, they tell us the Stockholm Plus earphones are a newly enhanced update to their originals, which arrived on the scene in 2019. As with all their range, these are excellently designed for modern people with motion in mind but now hit a total playtime of over 20 hours and have a much-improved volume and music-touch controls.

Like the stylish Urbanista London, they also now come with a redesigned charging case, a proper dedicated reset button and a LED battery indicator holding up to 5 charges – empowering you with maximum freedom on the go and telling you exactly where your charge is.

Best of all? They’re currently retailing at just £69 (or kr799 / €69 / $69), you can choose from 5 different colours (Midnight Black; Rose Gold; Fluffy Cloud; Olive Green and Titanium) and, like any good gadget in 2020, have full compatibility with both iOS and Android devices. See the full specs just below…

Fancy a pair? Order now via Urbanista direct or on Amazon


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