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Sofia Coppola, Rashida Jones, Bill Murray: We’re here for On The Rocks, watch the trailer now!

First of all I saw Sofia Coppola was back as Writer/Director, then noticed Rashida Jones and then the one and only Bill Murray – what’s not to love already? Thankfully, dear reader, this trailer for On The Rocks does give all that hope a lot of justice and then some.

Seemingly opening with a closing scene of Lost in Translation – and Murray winding down his car window – things definitely take a different turn and angle but, dare I say it, this looks just as good and with a completely fresh narrative.

Also starring Marlon Wayans, who might be heading for a bit of resurgence with Respect coming up as well, On The Rocks sees young mother Laura (Jones) reconnecting with her larger-than-life playboy father Felix (Murray) on an adventure and love letter to New York.

After watching this teaser, I’m already on board for this A24 and Apple TV+ venture, in fact… I can’t wait!

On The Rocks is looking at an October release date in North America, with hopefully one to follow shortly in the UK, or could this be perfect January-awards-season stuff? We hope so.


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