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UK charity WaveLength and Netflix launch Film Club to combat loneliness

After quite the year, this is a positive move from Netflix, who ahead from the upcoming release of The Midnight Sky have announced their new Film Club initiative, in partnership with WaveLength, the UK’s leading loneliness charity who provide those most in need with technology to facilitate and inspire meaningful connections with others.

Inspired by The Midnight Sky, which sees George Clooney direct and star as a solitary scientist in a post-apocalyptic world, the partnership will see Netflix donate tablet computers to support WaveLength’s important work and launch the new monthly Film Club, which gives beneficiaries the opportunity to come together virtually in a relaxed and sociable environment with others through the power of film. Which sounds like a wonderful way to escape other worries, and connect in your own pace and in a place to share a passion for film.

WaveLength CEO, Timothy Leech, had this to say:

“Research estimates that over 9 million in the UK are lonely at any given time. Our research with the University of York shows for those who are isolated, technology offers a valuable and life-changing window into the world, breaking the silence which many lonely people live with on a daily basis. We rely on donations from supporters to carry the vital work we do, especially at this time when loneliness and isolation is so high. We are thrilled to launch this new Film Club with Netflix and hope it will have a meaningful impact on our beneficiaries’ lives.” 

Hosted by BBC Radio 1 film critic Ali Plumb, the “Netflix x WaveLength Film Club” will launch in the new year, kicking off with The Midnight Sky, and include a mixture of new releases and classic films available on Netflix over the coming months, he has this to say:

“Film has always been a passion of mine, not only for the escapism and entertainment it provides, but also for the joy I feel when sharing films and stories with others, both on the radio and at home. I’m really excited to be a part of this film club and to share my passion with a new set of Wavelength friends” 

To make a donation to WaveLength, visit https://www.justgiving.com/wavel 

For further information on WaveLength visit https://wavelength.org.uk/ 


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