Fund This: Positive Light Projects Creative Hub in Exeter – A new community arts space for the city!

I’m more than sure we’re all looking for some light at the end of the tunnel, especially after the recent year, and this from Positive Light Projects seems like a wonderful way to direct that hopeful and positive energy towards a new community arts space in Exeter, and one that you can help bring to life by being a part of their Crowdfunder, and helping to spread the word!

If you’re local to Exeter in any form, then you’ll know of the recently empty buildings along Sidwell Street, near the huge John Lewis if you’re looking for a landmark. Well, Positive Light Projects want to turn a big part of that into a Creative Community Hub but as with most things in the arts, need the funding to make this very exciting dream, a reality.

Via the Crowdfunder website, they’re seeking to raise those funds to develop the space into a creative and cultural working, and teaching space, with a focus on community engagement and collaborative practice. Their intention, and this is taken direct from the Crowdfunder page, is “to build a creative visual arts hub that operates to support various communities within Exeter and beyond”, and now… a little more official stuff – Sign up and pledge right here!

  • 6 x Artist Studios – Space for creatives to make work and develop personal projects.
  • Project Space – Large street level accessible communal space that workshops and classes can be run in.
  • Gallery – Displaying artwork, both group and individual shows.
  • Darkroom – Range of enlargers and equipment for processing and printing work. 
  • Photography Studio – Professional studio lighting and backdrops.
  • Library – Books, journals and periodicals for reference and research.
  • Meeting Space – Space for creatives to meet & discuss thoughts, plans, projects & proposals. 
  • Resident charities & organisations – Office and studio space for local groups.
  • Study Space – Quiet space for individual study.

Before they can start work on activating the space we need to make the building safe and accessible. The money raised will go towards essential electrical and plumbing works, ensuring wheelchair access and the installation of a disabled loo, renovation of communal work spaces and artist studios, cleaning, painting and decorating, fire safety precautions and a heating system, all to make the building safe, warm and accessible for all.

What they will spend the money on…

There is a LOT of work that needs doing! The building has been empty for about five years so it is in a bit of a sorry state! The money they raise will go towards:

– Mains electrical distribution and power outlets throughout the building 

– Lighting & emergency lighting

– Building wide heating

– Fire alarm and security systems

– Plumbing works including a street level accessible toilet

– Cleaning, painting & decorating 

All to make the building safe, secure, warm and accessible to all at which point they will deliver an initial exciting range of activities, events and workshops.

Seems like a no-brainer right? Huge disused space in return for some inventive, original forward thinking folks? I know I’m backing it and it’d be great if you can as well, and help share the word by sharing this write-up, by telling your friends, family, colleagues and sharing their Crowdfunder as well! I have no particular connection with the concept, I just think that 2021 needs to start rebuilding our day-to-day lives, and this is a wonderful way to kick things off:


Positive Light Projects is a not for profit organisation using photography to engage and inspire a diverse range of audiences and communities as well as developing emerging photographers and aiding them move their practise forward in exciting and innovative ways.

Based in Exeter, Devon, we have a focus on and strong belief in community based, socially engaged creative practise. Previous projects include The Dartmoor Summer School of Photography.

This project is made possible by the generous support of


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