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Find your perfect ‘Earth Moods’ with this captivating new National Geographic series on Disney+

If you’re eager to find an escape inside your home, and I definitely know how much I need it right now, then these Earth Moods from Nat Geo, coming to Disney+ from 16th April, looks awe-inspiring and captivating!

Earth Moods is described as ‘a visual and soundscape experience‘, where we’re taken on the ultimate retreat—transporting the audience through a vast array of colourful and calming corners of the world. Over 5 separate episodes, you can travel to blue glaciers, cross arid deserts, explore lush rainforests and even pulsating metropolises to escape from the cacophony of everyday life.  Watch the trailer now, and relax…

With an original score produced by Neil Davidge, known for Massive Attack as well as collaborations with the likes of Snoop Dogg and David Bowie, each ‘mood’ gives the audience an opportunity to relax and reset as the sound of music and the natural world washes over them.

All five episodes of Earth Moods will be available on Disney+ on Friday, 16th April.  Episodes include “Frozen Calm,” “Night Lights,” “Tropical Serenity,” “Desert Solitude,” and “Peaceful Patterns.” 


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