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Review: The Secret Connection – Unique online, interactive magic with award-winning Dr Will Houstoun

If you love a smart magic show but have been missing the escapism and intrigue of the storytelling, whilst getting involved (as you might ‘on stage’ in real life), then The Secret Connection could be what you’re looking for! While some normality is returning, award-winning magician Dr Will Houstoun takes the essence of these positive changes and brings this unique interactive online show into your home that captures connection at its best.

Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to take part in one of his live Zoom broadcasts from my own house, with Dr Will streaming through from his purpose-built London studio. Exclusively limited to 30 screens with each performance, The Secret Connection team encourage you to turn off your lights, put your phone away and really drift away into the event – and from my experience, it’s definitely the best course of action.

It’s not just about sitting back and watching the show though because after picking up your tickets (links below), and usually a few days before the show, you’ll be sent a shiny box of interactive magical-related surprises which you’ll only be allowed to open during the performance – and trust me, save it for the time to keep that mystery going!

As well as having a brief history of magic through the centuries, your host Dr Will Houstoun is warm, engaging and clearly full of knowledge for his passion. He’s hugely experienced and more than a worthy host, with an actual PhD in the world he’s working in and was a previous The Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the Year winner, plus a consultant on Martin Scorsese’s Hugo, the BBC’s Wolf Hall, and loads more!

If you’re wondering what the evening was like, well, I won’t be giving any spoilers, but I will say be prepared to be entertained and also maybe a literal part of the tricks and events of the evening! So, while I will say you could become part of the show, I promise you it’s worth it! To be honest, I can be very self-aware on Zoom, but I didn’t find any of the evening over-zealous, nor did I feel put on the spot. If anything, it made me miss gatherings even more but also a great reminder to be part of a little group.

And that’s another interesting thing, your group of people could be from anywhere in the world! As well as folks from the UK, we had people from Africa and beyond, so that feeling of connection is not only a theme throughout because it’s also there in the people around you. Also, don’t forget you can book with family and friends from wherever you are in the world – and this is a really unique benefit.

So, as well as that, I really enjoyed feeling a part of other audience members moments and it’s highly enjoyable, there’s nothing quite as great as seeing natural reactions to some entertaining close-up magic that literally takes place on-screen and in your own home. Measured and progressive, fun and engaging, connection achieved – thank you Dr Will and The Secret Connection!

Book your tickets by clicking here, or just click the live website image below!


2 thoughts on “Review: The Secret Connection – Unique online, interactive magic with award-winning Dr Will Houstoun

  1. The interactive magic session is a great way to enjoy yourself with friends. Covid is a difficult time for everyone but things are coming back to normal slowly. Such sessions are good for entertainment. Thank you very much for sharing your experience with everyone.

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