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Epic teaser trailer for Foundation, the new Apple Original series based on the Isaac Asimov novels

UPDATED August 2021: I honestly feel like I’ve been excited for this series forever, and now we’ve another trailer to follow up the previous two from Apple TV+, that launches on 24th September, get inside this world now:

UPDATED June 2021: It was a year ago I first shared the trailer (just also below) for this new Apple TV+ series Foundation and today we finally have the first teaser and while EPIC can be overused, once you’ve watched this? You’ll be using the word as well, it looks truly astonishing work on the way!

The teaser truly showcases the sweeping scope and scale of the eagerly awaited new Apple Original series, it’ll debut with the first three episodes, followed by one new episode weekly, every Friday, check this out:

June 2020: Wow, this looks right up my street and as we have the likes of Dune in our sights and on the way, it feels like huge, ambitious Sci-fi has a very re-inventive, promising time ahead.

Based on the novels (Take a look at the Folio versions) by the one and only Isaac Asimov, Apple Originals announced this first look at Foundation at WWDC20 last week and it looks truly spectacular. Led by showrunner and exec producer David S. Goyer who you’ll know as one of the writers on the likes of Man of Steel, The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, Blade and Dark City – this new teaser gives us all a look inside a genuinely exciting saga.

While the premise might sound familiar, this is more hardcore Sci-fi, despite Goyer’s reference to Star Wars, but Foundation does follows a group of exiles on their journey to save humanity and rebuild civilisation during the fall of the Galactic Empire – Watch now and let us know what you think, I’m very intrigued…

The series stars SAG Award-winner and Emmy-nominee Jared Harris as Hari Seldon; Lee Pace as Brother DayLou Llobell as GaalLeah Harvey as SalvorLaura Birn as DemerzelTerrence Mann as Brother Dusk; and Cassian Bilton as play Brother Dawn. We also just learned that Kim Adis will star, who’s one of our upcoming favourites!

Foundation is executive produced by Robyn Asimov, David S. Goyer, Josh Friedman, Cameron Welsh, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and Marcy Ross. The series is produced for Apple by Skydance Television, it airs from 24th September 2021


6 thoughts on “Epic teaser trailer for Foundation, the new Apple Original series based on the Isaac Asimov novels

  1. i would not want to seem controversial but why in these open minded days change the original gender of the character just to please the politically correct audience i do believe in respect of the author and authenticity and i do want to point out that Asimov had great female character like Susan Calvin novel that would make a great TV show
    don’t get me wrong i still cant wait to see the series and those actors and actress to plays there parts but as there was no successful Asimov TV series or movie made so far i am afraid that this one might be another one just to please the PC audience.


    • Keeping it simple, a good character can be any gender, surely? Why do you say it’s for the ‘PC’ audience, how about it’s just something that fits the reinvention. There’s that side as well, for sure. Also, as you say, if there’s been no successful adaptation so far, I’d say take the risk and see what happens.

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      • Dan, although I think the character’s changed sex should have been mentioned in your review, since it’s an important divergence from the source material, thank you for not making your review about it, and for not evaluating the movie, which is not about contemporary social issues or gender themes, on the basis of it arguably promoting a positive message in those. Not sure how you mean it “_fits_ the reinvention”… And have previous adaptations been unsuccessful because of sticking too closely to the source material? Does changing the character’s sex actually have a narrative purpose or is it really about social justice?

        Besides that apparently nonsensical casting choice, yes the trailer looks great! I just wish it wasn’t AppleTV exclusive, since i can’t afford 10 different platform subscriptions! 😦 I’ve only read the first book and now want to get to the rest of the series!

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    • Thank you for pointing this out as i was confused about why the character was a female. I was at first questioning whether my memory of a basic detail of the book had somehow failed.

      Eric, don’t apologize for being rational and for valuing artistic integrity, just because your opinion might be controversial. The answer to your question is that “these days” are *not* actually open-minded. To the social justice warriors, all merits and purpose of a public endeavor are subordinate to the obsession with identity and the social goals of representation and empowerment of oppressed group(ing)s of people. If you don’t get with the program and you dissent, be prepared to be bullied, ostracized, and censored. That’s open-mindedness and tolerance in 2021.
      –OH is that why you were being so polite in your comment?? lol

      Even as I write this, I’m wondering if I am wasting my time because my comment will be moderated out. Hopefully impartiality, discourse, and diversity of opinion are values the moderators hold! 🙂

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