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Huge Ghostface mural revealed in Birmingham to celebrate the upcoming cinematic release of Scream

You may have already seen our extensive coverage of everything for the 2022 release of the new Scream, feel free to revisit right here, and today we’ve got even more Ghostface gloriousness as that very familiar, and terrifying, face has appeared on the walls of Birmingham’s thriving creative hub, The Custard Factory.

Coinciding with the global launch of the excellent trailer, artist Jim Vision, a Welsh creator who runs the impressive EndoftheLine with his partner Matilda, revealed this immense, spray-painted AND interactive Scream poster deep in the early hours of the morning. Created in no less than 24 hours, if you’re up in Brum, you can also hold your phone up, scan the QR code on this 16m by 7m creation and get to see the first trailer right in front of it!

Have you been there already? Let us know but if not, you don’t even need to be right back, because we’ve got the sharpest shots right here…

Scream is exclusively in cinemas January 2022



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