Experience Gotham City like never before with Arkham Asylum – Coming to London in 2022!

Oh woah, if you know the worlds physically created by the likes of Secret Cinema, then it sounds like Department Studios, Inc., Myriad Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment, in association with DC, are about to step it another level with this London-based destinations in 2022 as the infamous and iconic Arkham Asylum is coming to life..!

They’re promising this will be a groundbreaking immersive experience, and it really does sound quite unique. Here’s the initial setup:

Batman is missing and Gotham City is in tatters. Crime is running rampant in the streets and civil unrest is festering around every corner. Step forward ambitious psychiatrist Jeremiah Arkham who wants to restore order through his pioneering treatments.  The citizens of Gotham City are being summoned by law to the Arkham Asylum for psychological examination.

Set in a vast multi-sensory recreation of the eponymous psychiatric hospital from DC lore – Arkham Asylum will be an epic alternate reality, combining futuristic technology and interactive theatrics with a wholly original story to create a chilling, once-in-a-lifetime, live immersive experience.

Interaction is rewarded, from heightened clues and tasks prior to arrival to unlocking new spaces, characters, and storylines within.  The audience become the protagonists: first as citizens of Gotham City, then as patients on their own journey to escape the infamous Arkham Asylum and explore the world of Batman like never before alongside iconic DC characters including Scarecrow, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and many more.

Tickets will go on general sale at 10:00am (GMT) on Friday 29th October with a 24hr presale to anyone who registers via www.arkhamasylum.com

Jessica Rees Middleton, CEO, Department Studios, Inc had this to say:

There is nowhere else in the world where you can experience Gotham City in this way. From the moment you buy a ticket, through the DC characters you’ll meet, and choices you will make – each guest will leave this spectacular experience transformed and eager to come back! We plan to propel immersive entertainment to a new level.”

Simon Evans, Director, Arkham Asylum (Myriad Ent) added:

“Myriad pursues great stories, and the trust Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment have put in us to write an original narrative, based on beloved DC characters, is an extraordinary privilege. This won’t just be an event; it’ll be a ground-breaking and nuanced piece of theatre: working with the best collaborators; attracting new audiences to live performance; building on the legacy by allowing fans to get closer than ever. We can’t wait to push at the boundaries of what’s possible with this type of work.”

The Producers of the show will be proudly partnering with suicide prevention charity: Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM). The show will be raising awareness and fundraising for CALM’s life-saving services so that more people can be reached before the point of crisis. For further information about CALM, please visit their website.

Arkham Asylum will open weekly, next Autumn 2022, between Tuesdays to Sundays, with tickets priced from £63.00 (plus booking fees) with some limited early bird offers during 2021. Not for the faint hearted, this event is registered as an 18+.

Full details and tickets can be found at www.arkhamasylum.com – Follow the story across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @ArkhamAsylumLDN.


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