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Check out the tantalising trailer for One Of These Days starring Joe Cole and Carrie Preston

From writer/director Bastian Günther, and set in a small southern US town, One Of These Days focuses on twenty volunteers who complete to win a brand-new truck in the local companies annual ‘Hands On‘ contest, which offers a prize that could change their day-to-day lives for the better.

Each entrant has their own reasons for taking part but as blistering hot days and cold, long nights add up, their humanity is revealed. Carrie Preston plays Joan, a car dealership worker who rallies up the contestants, including young family man Kyle, played by the impressive Brit Joe Cole, who wants that car at all costs but how much will it take, and at what cost?

With one of the finest, and slightly unsettling, uses of the Star-Spangler Banner since that trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, enjoy your first look at One Of These Days:

Also starring Callie Hernandez and Cullen Moss, One Of These Days has already been picking up the plaudits from the likes of Berlinale, Zurich Film Festival, and the Nashville Film Festival, it comes to UK cinemas from 1st April 2022.


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