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Marvel Studios and Secret Cinema team up for Guardians of the Galaxy: The Live Immersive Experience! Ticket info and details here!

Now, we’ve been loving the Secret Cinema productions for over 10 years now, can you believe that originally after those early runs of Prometheus, Grease and The Shawshank Redemption, it was 2014’s Back to the Future that really set the bar for the big experiences to come, and we loved it! Casino Royale was like being on a film set, there was the beauty of Stranger Things, plus an iconic Romeo + Juliet, Blade Runner, Alien, the list goes on and we think you’re ready for a new one…

Announced this week, we can confirm that Secret Cinema have now teamed up with Marvel Studios for a live immersive experience, in an unknown location, of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and it already sounds epic. This venture is the first of three anticipated collabs between Disney Studios and Secret Cinema, and this one should transport fans on a cosmic adventure this summer in a fully immersive show built on James Gunn’s sequel. Starting in August, you’ll just need to summon the courage and join the infamous Ravagers!

Choose your Ravager Clan, dodge the Nova Corps and set off on an action-packed adventure in search of galactic riches and interplanetary fame. There’s no doubt it’ll have one hell of a mixtape to accompany the mischief, as SC promise we’ll all be able to enjoy the thrills of Contraxia, brave the dangers of the Kyln and then hustle, smuggle and bribe your way round, in a quest on the lawless planet of Knowhere….

There is glory to be won, legends to be made, and a universe to be saved!

Tickets to Secret Cinema presents Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy – The Live Immersive Experience will go on general sale at 10am (GMT) on 14th March at www.secretcinema.org with early access available by signing up to the waitlist.

Presale tickets are also available for O2 priority customers now. Prices start at £59 + booking fee for the full experience culminating in the screening of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, or for the first time Secret Cinema will be offering an ‘immersive ticket’ option, starting from £47 + booking fee.

Premium tickets will also be available, offering guests exclusive additional access to hidden storylines and exclusive areas. Premium ticket prices start at £98 + booking fee.


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