Ocean’s Eleven’s Infatuation with Gambling and Casinos

Ocean’s Eleven is a box office hit that is part of the iconic Ocean’s franchise, featuring a star-studded cast that includes the likes of George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, and of course it involves a heist but there’s not just one casino involved, but three, signalling a specific infatuation with these types of gambling venues.

Before we come onto all things gambling and casino, where Ocean’s Eleven is related, it’s worth mentioning the film’s plot. In short, Danny Ocean, played by Clooney, is a thief and is released on parole but, instead of going straight, he decides to team up with his friends, one of them being Rusty, played by Pitt, to pull off one of the biggest ever heists known to man. They target the taking of three Las Vegas casinos, believing they will amass a fortune in the region of $163 million.

What’s probably worth pointing out from the get-go is that if Danny and his crew had targeted reputable online casinos, they wouldn’t have got very far at all due to the high level of security technology in use. But, Danny and co are prepared to gamble with a vault storing the takings of a trio of Las Vegas casinos, Danny more so, being that he is fresh out of jail and on parole. And this immediately shows that Ocean’s Eleven is very much a movie all about gambling because everything, in a way, is Danny gambling in an attempt to get rich. While also gambling on his freedom.

As mentioned, the plan is for Danny and his crew to raid a vault that contains over $160 million, and you would say that their odds of doing so are potentially something like one in a billion. So, in many respects, it’s akin to heading to a casino and winning life-changing money by spinning the reels of a slot game and hitting the jackpot but you’d say that there’s certainly more chance of the latter occurring than being able to raid a high-security vault, that’s for sure!

And, if you ever needed the inspiration to win a life-changing amount of money by playing casino games, you should certainly give Ocean’s Eleven a watch, as Danny and his friends do successfully pull off the heist and instantly become multi-millionaires. It shows, in a way, that sometimes the impossible is possible. And you could even say that what they did is like using a casino bonus, something you get for free, and turning it into something huge. Because up until they secured the loot, they were far from millionaires.

What’s worth adding as the final point is that while Danny pulled off the big score alongside his crew, he also had to return to jail after breaching his parole before he could go on and enjoy his ill-gotten gains. So, it shows that he gambled to get rich and won. But he also gambled on his freedom and lost, for a while anyway..!


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