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Denzel is back! Check out the action-packed new trailer for The Equalizer 3

Who isn’t a Denzel Washington fan? The icon returns for one more fight in The Equaliser 3, and the previous two I’ve really enjoyed! You feel like he’s an actor who wouldn’t take on something like this character again, unless he thought it’d do everything right, and the trailer is impressively brutal, he’s essentially the OG John Wick, and then some.

From Sony Pictures, with Antoine Fuqua returning as director as well as writer Richard Wenk, the gang are truly back together with the tagline ‘Justice Knows No Borders.’

Also starring Dakota Fanning and David Denman, we find a retired Robert McCall (Washington) struggling to reconcile with his turbulent past, but also finding solace in serving justice on behalf of the oppressed, this time in the calm sunny setting of Southern Italy. After finding out that his new friends are being controlled by the local mafia, it’s his turn to step back and take back control (in an actual way).

Here’s your trailer:

The Equaliser 3 hits cinemas on 1 September


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