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Entertaining trailer for Theatre Camp, from Nick Lieberman and Molly Gordon!

The world of actors, in theatre and film, is always one that’s open to a whole host of entertainment, and this first trailer for Theatre Camp undoubtedly plays on that but, not quite as you’d think…

Directed by Nick Lieberman and Molly Gordon, with a screenplay from the pair co-writing with Noah Galvin and Ben Platt, the film Theatre Camp follows Amos (Platt) and Rebecca-Diane (Gordon), a pair of lifelong friends who are also drama teachers at a bit of a rundown old Camp in the state of New York. But when tech-bro Troy (Jimmy Tatro) arrives, and nearly destroys what’s left, it’s up to Amos and Rebecca to help get the students to put on the production of their (very young) lives to try and save the beloved summer camp!

Check out the trailer here from Searchlight UK, it does bring some natural laughs and let’s hope all that comes together in the feel-good, as it definitely appears to:

Theatre Camp opens in cinemas on 25th August from Searchlight UK


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