Film Reviews

The Kings Speech. Black Swan. Paul. Never Let Me Go. Short & snappy movie reviews!

2df45c6643ed460b1dfb5e859761ad93Quick, to the point 2011 thoughts on recent movies. All recommended…ah go on!

The Kings Speech. Rather brilliant. Amusing and also the whole ensemble are quite fantastic. Have gone rather posh, what ho! Firth deserves his plaudits and him and Rush are a brilliant pair, playing off each other in character and factually.

Black Swan. Intensity defined. Obsession. Passion. Astonishing. Portman mind-fuck-trip and Aronofsky continuing his themes of obsession and the levels of reality/of the mind.

Paul. What makes Paul different is its depth of Britishness. Not glossy but it doesn’t need to be. It’s very funny, genuine and different. It has those edges of the big American/Apatow movies but there are certain charm that Pegg and Frost bring to the screen. I think they miss Edgar Wright a little though, as his direction is special to this pair.

Never Let Me Go. Poignant, encased yet somehow accessible, interesting and not to be overlooked. An astute adaptation. Carey Mulligan is a unique talent, somehow bordering the line between innocence and adult awareness, she’s a special talent. Knightley and Garfield offer an encapsulating supporting cast, displaying impressively their triangle of life through three decades.

The Kings Speech and Black Swan out now, Paul and Never Let Me Go are released in the UK on the 14th February and 11th respectively.

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