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Machine Baby: “A hypnotically thematic short” [Indie Review]

If you make it past the opening sequence without having an epileptic seizure, you’re in for a treat. But seriously, viewer discretion for Machine Baby is definitely advised!

Machine Baby is a Lynchian 10-minute short horror film from the macabre mind of writer, director and producer Sean Richard Budde. With its astoundingly high production quality, there’s no wonder the short is now celebrating an award-winning status in the horror circuit. It’s won over audiences in film festivals across America with this haunting gem of a short that forces you to ask more questions than it answers as you get caught up in the philosophy of its dubious gore.

The film briefly shares a disdainful insight into the world of a struggling paparazzi photographer whose voyeurism leads him to uncover an unexpected tale of madness. His predatory desires lead him into a beauty pageant manager’s lurid plot to win Miss America. Starring Sean McGill as the paparazzi, Christian Gray as the pageant manager (Stop it, we know what you’re thinking, thankfully not that Christian Gray) and Allie Long as Miss America.

It’s a dark and sensually neurotic piece that not only captivates you for its short running time, but for hours after. Machine Baby is a stunning commentary on the toxicity of pageantry that people still applaud to this day. It’s not all too often that a horror, let alone a horror short will make us reflect upon our cultural discourses so deeply, but Budde’s film is so poignantly orchestrated, he has created a work of cutting-edge art through mixing symbolism with its thematic undertones of cultural obsession.

Machine Baby is available now for viewing on Bloody Disgusting‘s World of Death Series, watch now:





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