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The Childish Thing: “Jeremy Herbert invites you to feel the fuzzy fear” [Indie Review]

Reviewing The Childish Thing would have been a walk in the park if there were something… well, anything out there to compare it against. But there isn’t.

The Doctor Who level of horror that The Childish Thing portrays throughout the 30-minute feature was remarkably sweet, and if you ever had to pick a monster to be tormented by, it would probably be the fuzzy beast that steals the last strings of sanity from the delirium-driven main protagonist. This rare type of feature comes from the delectable mind of writer/director Jeremy Herbert, a man that evidently knows about pacing the perfect horror sequence.

Whilst there is no gore in The Childish Thing, the levels of anxiety are sky high throughout. The plot follows protagonist Jack charged with the task of cleaning out his childhood home. For anyone who has ever experienced that, you’ll know it can be a roller coaster of emotions as the ghosts from your past come back to bite you in the ass.

The film plays on this fear of bittersweet, gut-ripping nostalgia perfectly whilst being pretty silly but who doesn’t like silly things? By the end of the feature you’ll be seeing the fuzzy monster as just as demonic as Nosferatu and you can tell that The Childish Thing was created as an experimental infusion of the director’s passion and entrancing anxiety, we’re intrigued as to where he’ll head next.

The Childish Thing was first released in October 2017 in the US and has since been nominated for a Best Ohio Short.


If this sounds right up your street, watch their trailer below and find out more:

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