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The Thing About Beecher’s Gate: Dir. Jeremy Herbert [Short Film Review]

Jeremy Herbert, Director of The Childish Thing, reviewed by Amelia, returns with yet another quaintly terrifying horror short The Thing About Beecher’s Gate. With a less than archetypal approach to the genre, it’s easy to see why he’s making such headway in the industry.

Under his direction, the suspense isn’t built, it’s teased, you don’t know quite at which point you should start to let the looming dread kick in thanks to the masterful acting of the cast which sees Morgan McLeod in the starring role as Deputy Eli Stoker. Usually, with horror films, you see police heroically and inevitably tragically swooping in to save the day, yet Herbert centred the plot around a policeman himself.

Through the cleverly scripted narrative you see a man whose duty it is to protect and serve come alive through his fear, even though the world would like to put a degree of separation between police and regular citizens, that pretence is torn away. The Thing About Beecher’s Gate doesn’t rely on visual horror to put you on edge, but rather the fear of the unknown, and in a world where we don’t like to ask questions that’s pretty god damn terrifying. That’s how you end up in the woods with a flashlight, a gun and no explanation.

No one likes to ask questions when they’re new in a job – even if that does involve heading to the woods to spend the night in a shed in the name of tradition. And we all know how ‘traditions’ tend to go in small towns with ominous reputations, don’t we?

Head on over to their official website to watch the trailer and find out more on The Thing About Beecher’s Gate now.



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