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Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads is returning to the BBC this June

It’s with great excitement to share the news that Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads is due to return to BBC One from Tuesday 23 June with a double bill, followed by 10 more available to stream on the iPlayer, with the series also continuing on BBC One across the following weeks.

Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads is something I remember my parents watching when I was growing up (it aired between 1988 – 1998) but it was also a programme that always intrigued me, even then, and often found myself captivated by these wonderful mini-story monologues. These will be 12 of the originals remade, with an additional two new ones written by Bennett last year.

As expected, they’ve also gathered some top acting individuals for each episode that includes Jodie Comer, Monica Dolan, Martin Freeman, Tamsin Greig, Sarah Lancashire, Lesley Manville, Lucian Msamati, Maxine Peake, Rochenda Sandall, Kristin Scott Thomas, Imelda Staunton and Harriet Walter.

Talking Heads will air on BBC One from 9pm on Tuesday 23 June 


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