Go back to the 80’s with Viper Squad Live!

Grab your aviators and your tiny cocktail umbrellas because the Viper Squad is BACK, and this time they’re doing it live!

It’s 1988. New York City. A team of dangerous criminals are attempting to pull off the biggest heist in history. Lives are at stake and millions in cash are on the line. Only one thing can stop them: You! Welcome to the VIPER SQUAD! An elite team called in to handle only the most extreme circumstances. Choose your weapons. Gather valuable intelligence. Negotiate with dangerous criminals. Can your squad be the ultimate crime-stopping heroes? Think you’ve got what it takes? Welcome to the party, pal!

VIPER SQUAD is an immersive-theatre action adventure and loving homage to 80s action-film and television classics. A show where the audience is the hero of the story and where their choices have real impact. Winner of the Off-West End Award for ‘Best Immersive / Interactive Show’, this action-packed thrill-ride looks set to be a definitive must-see for immersive theatre lovers and action movie buffs alike!

VIPER SQUAD is the first live show from Schematic Theatre. Based on an original concept by James Dillon (SIREN, Secret Cinema, CtrlAltRepeat), the show is directed by David Alwyn (Secret Cinema, CtrlAltRepeat, Parabolic Theatre) and produced by Elsie Watkinson (SIREN, Rogue Productions, Layered Reality, Blast Theory) in collaboration with Colab Theatre (Crooks 1926) and CtrlAltRepeat (Viper Squad, Sherlock Holmes and the Symmetric Mail Shot).

The Kickstarter is available here – donations are now open with top rewards on offer for backers.

Want to know more? You can check out our original Viper Squad review here.


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