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Reflective mediation on life in this lo-fi trailer for A Love Song, starring Dale Dickey and Wes Studi

There’s something about looking back, at both the good, bad and what if’s of life as you grow older and A Love Song, written and directed by Max Walker-Silverman, does feel like a wonderful, yet poignant, mediation of those journeys in life, if this trailer for his feature debut film is anything to go by.

Starring the legendary Dale Dickey as Faye, she plays a lone traveller, living a somewhat nomadic life in rural Colorado and is awaiting the arrival of an old flame and friend, Lito – played by Wes Studi. Once he visits her, for the first time in many years gone by, we witness the moments they spend together now, fuelled with country music, stunning vistas and a life of heartbreak and resilience, like so many normal people do.

I really love the vibe of this on, A Love Song comes to cinemas from 9 December, keep an eye out for it at your local independent and check out the trailer now:

A Love Song comes to UK cinemas from 9 December


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