Building the Batmobile Tumbler [Hachette Partworks: Issues 1 – 2]

It’s not been that long since I finished building my own 1:8 Scale Back to the Future DeLorean but now we’re onto something even more exciting, bigger and dare I say (possibly) better?! Originally revealed in Christopher Nolan’s iconic The Dark Knight trilogy, making its debut in Batman Begins no less, the Batmobile ‘Tumbler’ holds military-level stealth tech as its inspiration, can break through concrete walls, has bullet-proof bodywork and is unreservedly one of the finest additions to Bruce Wayne’s Batcave/hidden underground workshop.

You can now build your own extensively detailed replica, at 1:8 scale, thanks to Hachette Partworks the team behind this release, which is too good to resist. While we’re in the early days of a longer-term project, and if you’ve also done one before you’ll appreciate what I mean, there’s a huge amount of eagerness to see what we can create, and in Parts 1 and 2 you get a good sense of the physical scale, and that’s mostly based on the huge front tyre!

Issue 1

Build your own Batmobile Tumbler will be assembling, sticking and screwing together die-cast parts, alongside plastic-moulded ones for the smaller details, and it’s an impressive beast when you start to realise how many features are eventually here to highlight.

Issue 1 kicks off a part of the front sections which, in the grand scheme of the bigger Tumbler, is vital and offers another reminder of the style and size of the build. In this, you get your front section with two small cannons, which eventually will form part of the entire front section. I’ve put together a picture gallery in this instance, but if you have any questions – please add them in the comments below!

As a general point, the Hachette Partworks collection comes with a small screwdriver, and it works for what you need here, but my first *tip* today is regarding picking up a set of changeable screwdrivers (much like mine here), as later on they’re really useful. If you can also pick up some tweezers, or borrow them from the bathroom, they’ll also be valuable with precise sections. Both these things I learned last time, and no regrets in my purchases!

Every issue also comes with a magazine that offers you insight on The Dark Knight trilogy and a varied history of Batman. Within that, are step-by-step instructions that help guide you through how the build is put together. My other *tip* is to pay attention to the right and left instructions on some of the sections, as you don’t want to be correcting a small mistake later on, it just makes it more complicated.

For this (very) front section which comes a solid metal framework, you’ve got to fix in some cannons, screw them in with the help of a metal section and secure a selection of sharp-edged windows and a windscreen, ones that all reflect the Bat symbol within the car. In fact, when you see it this closely, you realise how many pointy parts make up each part, and it does look very cool. The issue also comes with a nameplate which will help with your display at the end of everything, so keep all this aside – and keep any spare screws you receive!

Issue 2

Whilst this issue might not take you the longest, it’s fun to see the size of the tyres – and this is just the first one. It’s solid, it’s superb and it gives you a good idea of the bulk of the quality from Hachette Partworks, which is an important and positive early sign over what’s to come.

In essence, you’ve got a massive tyre, the outer and inner rim, a hub nut, washer and also the screws you require to put the outer and inner rim together inside the front wheel. In my photos, I’ve picked out an older Joker LEGO minifigure to give you a good idea of the size and, again, while the early days might seem like smaller parts, once it all starts coming together, you’ll really appreciate all the details.

Coming up next time to the front panel of the passenger compartment and some front suspension work, which is sure to be a lot more specific, and strong enough to take the weight of the entire build!

My Batmobile Tumbler Build Blog continues in a couple of weeks! Fancy starting yours?

Head to Hachette Partworks: https://batmobile.hachettepartworks.com


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