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Doctor Who Series 10 will arrive in 2 parts for DVD/Blu-ray release

We may only be four episodes into series 10 of Doctor Who and the ‘Capaldi Finale’, read our review blog here, but the BBC have already announced details of the Blu-ray and DVD release with the surprise that it’ll be split into two parts. Whether this is purposeful in terms of marketing, or something else is at play, I guess we’ll all find out around 29th May because that’s when the first half hits stores despite the fact you can order both (Part 1, Part 2) now.

Part 1, released on 29th May, will cover episodes 1-6 of the Doctor’s latest adventures. Where the Doctor is keen to show his new friend, Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie), the universe around her, but all along android Nardole (Matt Lucas) is reminding him of his oath to guard the mysterious vault.

Part 2, released on 17th July, will features episodes 7-12 in which we know that the Doctor’s travels bring him face-to-face with Ice Warriors and Cybermen and then, his adventures draw to a currently unknown conclusion as a face from the past returns.

They’re including a little bonus though because both parts are set to include six, exclusive art-cards, which are themed to each episode. There’s also bonus material for both Parts 1 and 2 that includes an ‘Inside Look’ feature for each of the twelve episodes with behind the scenes footage; cast interviews and the inside story. We’ve also heard that the BBC will also put out a Complete Series on DVD and Blu-ray that’ll include the Binaural Sound edition of episode 4, ‘Knock, Knock’ that’s currently available on iPlayer, this version gives an immersive spatial sound experience for headphone listeners and is definitely worth checking out.

In the meantime, Doctor Who continues every Saturday evening on BBC One and you can also follow our Series 10 review blog by clicking here and getting involved.


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