Gift Guide 2021: SodaStream Spirit – A modern retro classic! [Review]

It’s that time of year again! If you’re seeking fresh ideas or hoping for inspiration – or even tantalising recommendations then… welcome! Scroll down to dive into this review, and if you want further gift ideas, just click here for the full range from my Critical Popcorn Christmas Gift Guide 2021!

Let’s dive right into some retro lovin’ and a must-have classic, it’s the…

SodaStream Spirit 2021!

The Legend is Real. Through the decades, we’ve all been linked together by one constant, the exciting, the unique, the party in your kitchen that everybody wants, it’s the SodaStream and it’s still going strong. The Legend is Real.

For me, the SodaStream world links my mind to the likes of Back to the Future and the 80s, it’s even had a recent spot in the Seth Rogen-starrer An American Pickle, plus backed by legendary scientist Bill Nye and Alyssa Carson, the youngest Astronaut training for a manned mission to Mars. It’s equally nostalgic and futuristic, and incredibly useful for excellent sparkling water and homemade, official drinks from 7Up and PepsiMax at your fingertips, quite literally.

This specific model retains that timeless, other-worldly kitchen must-have vibe and it’s very easy to use. That aforementioned sparkling water is achievable after a few presses of a button and it couldn’t be easier to setup, just slot in the supplied CO2 cylinder, clean out the bottle before use, fill up with water from the tap and you’re underway. SodaStream also make this ‘Climate Pledge Friendly‘, which means you’re leaving single-use plastic behind, and one of their reusable carbonating bottles can save up to 1282 single use plastic bottles from our planet over 4 years. It’s a no brainer really.

How about those home fizzy drinks for a night of film watching by yourself, or with the family? Just pick up a box of the syrups from either their own range, that includes Zero Orange Mango, Classic Lemon Lime, Lemonade, Diet Tonic, Cola, Cream Soda (and more), or classic 7Up (or 7Up Free), Pepsi and even PepsiMax if you’re feeling fancy, and after you’ve fizzed up the water, add a drop of what you’re instructed to do (on the bottle), shake it up, and it’s all yours!

You can make up to nine litres of sparkling refreshment in your own home from each 440ml bottle, and they’re available to pick up pretty much everywhere, from £4.99, which includes Sainsbury’s, Amazon, Ocado, John Lewis, and more, as well as directly through SodaStream.co.uk.

Perfect for movie nights, garden gatherings, Christmas get-togethers and whatever else you wish. Just fill, sparkle it up and enjoy – far more affordable than those over-priced bottles of sparkling water you’ll only half finish, which is what happens to us, and better for the environment by vastly reducing your waste.

It’ll slot in perfectly on that kitchen sideboard, so what you waiting, what you waiting for?

Order your SodaStream Spirit now: https://amzn.to/3co4pIE


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