Cast announced for Alice Lowe’s Timestalker – and filming is underway!

I think Alice Lowe is brilliant, and so this filming and casting news for Timestalker, her second film as writer/director after the mighty Prevenge, is very exciting! Shooting in Wales, Timestalker is set to be Lowe’s reincarnation rom-com, the tale of one woman’s unrequited love spanning several centuries.

Writer/Director Lowe stars in the lead role as Agnes, a hapless heroine who, through time, repeatedly falls for the wrong guy, dies a grim death, gets reincarnated a century later, before meeting him again and starting the cycle anew. It is one story told over many periods: 1680s Western Scotland; 1790s Rural England; 1980s Manhattan; and an apocalyptic 22nd Century. 

I LOVE the sound of all of this, and she’s gathered a fine ensemble cast that includes Jacob Anderson, Aneurin Barnard, Tanya Reynolds, Nick Frost, Kate Dickie, Dan Skinner, and Mike Wozniak – Lowe has also teamed up with producer Vaughan Sivell and Western Edge Pictures, with Hanway Films owning worldwide rights. 

We’ll keep you up to date on Timestalker as we hear news!


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